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Golf Balls

When golfers meet, the common discussion are about clubs, putters, greens and other style accessories used during the game. However, most of the money a typical golfer spends in a year of golf would be on golf balls! Your clubs and putters will last you for a long time. Balls will keep disappearing into sand traps and into the lakes. So, it is worth reading a bit about golf balls.

According to the prescribed set of rules, a golf ball weighs about 46 gms, and has a diameter of about 43 mm. There are dozens of popular golf ball manufacturers in the United States and all around the world, and different competitions and clubs subscribe to different manufacturers.

For you to choose your golf balls, there are a few generic things such as your swing speed, and your purpose of playing that should be considered. For instance, if you are a beginner, or an amateur player not too serious about your game, you will most probably benefit from choosing recreational golf balls. Since they are made with two layers, they suit the players whose swing is slower - like less than 80 miles per hour. However, if you are a pro or play on a serious circuit, you need to pick the advanced balls - made of three or more layers, which require a much greater swing speed.

Golf is one of those games that stays with you till you grow really old. Unlike sports like Football and Tennis that simmer down with age, Golf time increases as you grow old, and hence it is worth it to get golf training during the initial phase of your playing the sport.

There are several international players who have not had professional golf training, and that is fine too, but few things that you would love to get trained about would be the swing, the putt, and the selection of equipment. As time goes on, every player will develop his own technique in playing the game, and golf is one of those games which allow a wide range of techniques to be implemented. You can't say that this is right and that is wrong, as there have been players with extremely unconventional techniques going on to win the best international titles over the years.

If you are starting late into the golfing fraternity, however, you would do well to get golf training of some sort. That way, you can cover up some of the lost years (in which you did not play the game), and can catch up with your contemporaries. That is an important thing to do, as golf forges bonds that last a long time, and you don't want to be left behind when your friends are all moving up in their quality of the game.

There are several golf training courses on offered - ranging from on-course training by real pros, to online courses that take you through the basics and show you videos. Take your pick, and you will see a lot of difference in your game.

One little piece of advice would be to stay away from trick balls in the learning phase of the sport. That would help you do well later as you play more. Take care while you buy the balls, so that your game develops faster.

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