Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Golf Driving Tips - How to Drive a Golf Ball

When looking to increase your driving range in golf, you need to follow a few important tips. Get on the range and try to avoid worrying about the ball direction, then just take a swing. This is where your mental game comes into play. Try to remain as relaxed as possible and just let it rip.

Avoid getting your right hand too involved in your swing. When your right hand plays too much of a part in your swing, you may end up casting the club which can negatively affect both your distance and accuracy.

Many golfers tend to grip the club quite tightly when trying to add distance, though this tends to do the opposite and may ruin your shot. Loosen your grip with each consecutive swing until you notice a smoother hit with added distance.

Ensure that you have the correct equipment for your specific swing type. For swings that reach in excess of 120mph, you may want to get hold of a stiff or super stiff shaft.

An essential driving tip in golf is to not stand too far away from the ball. Newer players prefer to use the baseball grip which tends to make them stand further away from the ball than necessary. I would recommend using the interlocking grip for a better swing, though it does come down to personal preference. Grip the club at the point that your arms would normally hang to. You will notice that the grip is very close to your body, this will cause a steeper swing path which is the ideal way to hit the ball.

Take the effort out of golf and just enjoy the game. When you know all the little secrets, you will be amazed at how well you will be able to play. For more detailed golfing tips, check out this article: Golf Driving Tips and Proper Stance.

If your having any trouble with your game, feel free to check out How to Drive A Golf Ball for the fastest and easiest guide.

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