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Golf Equipment

For a sport that is notoriously reputed to be very expensive sport to participate in, a game of golf surprisingly requires the least amount of golf equipment to play. That’s saying basically about the game, since there are those who can do fairly well with just one golf club, only modifying the power and direction of the swing. What makes a golf game relatively expensive instead are those aside.

Golf Clubs

Golf equipment first and foremost needs a golf club. Golf isn’t a game where equipments can be shared comfortably, so individual golf clubs are of utmost importance. There are four basic categories for golf clubs and they are woods, hybrids, irons, and putters.

Woods – these clubs are the longest, with shafts that measure 40-47 inches, having large heads with spherical shape. Woods are often referred as driver and are most ideal in hitting off the tee, or on situations requiring definitive carries or drives.

Irons – irons are the most versatile golf clubs, some players even make do on a golf game using only an iron. They are shorter than the woods, around 36-40 inches on the shaft. They offer clubbing with relative skill in contrast to the woods which requires a good amount of precision.

Wedges – these clubs are actually referred as irons though having a loft (angle which the clubface tilt) of more than 44 earned them a special category other than irons. Wedges are also customized to meet several factors. One such example is the sand wedge with specialized underside with a “bounce” feature.

Putters – putters are clubs used on the green. They have a very low loft and some has even shorter shafts that would complement precision and deft touch. These clubs are ideal for finishes on the green.

Golfers are allowed to carry 14 different kinds of golf clubs during play, and the typical set of 14 usually consists of 8 irons, 3 woods, 2 wedges, and a putter.

Golf Balls

Golf balls are 42.67mm standard diameter mostly of synthetic materials construction. One notable feature of golf balls are the dimples, an aerodynamic function that will affect several factors including trajectory, spin and feel. Some makes are generated to result a desired outcome, such as harder materials to result longer distance, or softer ones to allow more spin.

There are other golf equipments on the use but those mentioned above are the most required to get a game going. Other golf equipment includes Golf Bags, Golf Carts, Golf Cleats, Golf Tees, and Golf Ball markers.

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