Thursday, 3 December 2009

Golf Swing Software - Golf Training Equipment and Modern Technology

The use of golf swing software is increasing because of the onset of advanced technology. The use of the computer makes the analysis of the swing much easier and more accurate.

For many years golf teachers relied on their own natural eye but with the coming together of high speed photography and the use of computer software the actual movement involved in the swing is easy to analyse.

The huge benefit of this is to be able to stop the swing at any point and study the movement and positions of the golfer and the club at any point in the swing and this leads to instant feedback and the opportunity to address problems quickly.

Leading golf teachers such as Rick Smith and David Leadbetter utilise the technology to it's fullest in their teaching and it can be very instructive to see your swing superimposed on the swing of a top golf professional for analysis purposes.

One of the difficulties when you are learning to swing a golf club correctly is that what you feel you are doing is sometimes completely different to what you are actually doing. This is where the golf swing software is so useful because to be talked through your swing with a professional pointing out your problems on the computer screen can save you an awful lot of time beating balls.

For the amateur golfer it is very helpful to be able to analyse his own swing together with his teacher's instruction in the comfort of his own home at his computer.

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