Sunday, 6 December 2009

Golfing Lessons - Secrets to a Winning Golf Game

Playing good golf involves creating good habits. Once you have good golfing habits, then your game will improve.

Understanding what those habits are and how to create them is something that many golfers consistently strive for. There are some very basic secrets to a winning golf game, and they are secrets anyone can use.

Know your equipment. It is impossible to be successful on the course if you have no idea what your clubs can do. Is your 3-iron a 200 yard club, or a 210 yard club? By not knowing the answer, you may find out that 10 yards could mean the difference between a shot on the green and a ball in the water.

Spend time on the range with all of your clubs, and pay attention to how you hit them. The best golfers make notes on how they hit their clubs, and they refer to those notes when needed.

A good golf game is all about tempo, and tempo is something that can be maintained or created when needed. When you are playing a public course, you do not always have the luxury of establishing a consistent tempo for an entire round.

Other players can slow you down, and some players may be pushing you to go faster. Do your best to establish a tempo that you can follow for the entire round, or you can take a deep breath at each tee box and attempt to establish a tempo on each hole.

Humble yourself a little and be realistic with your own abilities. It would be nice to drive that 300 yard par 4 green, but if you cannot hit the ball that far then make other plans to score on that hole. Golf course management is all about understanding your own abilities, and then applying those abilities to the challenges that the course provides.

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