Thursday, 3 December 2009

Golf Training Equipment - What is the Best Golf Swing Trainer?

There is a huge amount of golf training equipment available on the market now for the enthusiastic golfer. Some have been with us for decades...some use computer, DVD, video and other more modern methods to help you groove a consistent golf swing.

The most basic forms of golf training equipment include heavily weighted clubs which are designed to build up the key golfing muscles through repetition of the swing with the weighted club.

Vijay Singh is a firm believer in the weighted club as a golf swing trainer and has even lent his name to his own weighted club now to help amateur golfers.

Another simple method of building up the golfing muscles and particularly the forearms and wrists is the use of an impact bag. Years ago this involved the use of used tyres and practicing hitting the club into the tyre to build up the strength in the muscles. This has led to unnecessary injury and a modern version is an impact bag with more give.

The use of DVD, video and now golf swing analysis software has married the benefits of computers and modern technology and is a huge asset to any golf teacher in allowing a frame by frame analysis of the student's swing.

Then there are various devices to help you train your swing to swing on the correct swing plane and one of the most popular is a metal, tubular device which has a club rigidly fixed in place. When you practice with this device you can only move the club on the correct plane.

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