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5 Golf Tips On Driving Better Off The Tee

5 Golf Tips On Driving Better Off The Tee

Author: Golf Swing Genius

#1) Adjust your setup - Make sure you play the golf ball all the way forward in your stance so that it is directly in line with your left heel. Your stance should be slightly wider than shoulder width apart. You want to have a nice solid base which you can turn and coil around. Also, for the right handed golfer, you want to tilt your spine slightly to the right as this will allow you to swing and hit the golf ball on a slight upswing, launching it high into the air. This adjustment in your setup will also lead to more distance off the tee.

#2) Keep Your Lower Body Stable - When you are swinging, the job of the lower body is to act as a base around which your turn and coil your upper body. This allows you to wind up correctly and will create more power as you swing through the golf ball and release the golf club.

#3) Keep Your Shoulders Square At Impact - It is a very common swing fault to open your upper body too early in the downswing without giving your arms time to catch up. Everything needs to come together at impact, so making sure your shoulders stay square through the impact zone will allow you to be more in-sync and hit more solid and consistent golf shots. Having the shoulders open is even more common with the driver as it is a longer club so you need to allow yourself to be more aware of the timing of your arms and body working together. It's a slightly longer swing, so you have to stay down and through your shot at impact just a split second longer than when hitting an iron.

#4) Make Sure The Hands Lead Ahead Slightly At Impact - You want to build up some lag or leverage in your golf swing because this will allow you to hit it farther and strike the golf ball more consistently. Make sure that you create some wrist angle or wrist set in your backswing and then maintain that angle in your wrists for as long as possible in the downswing. This will allow you to come into impact with your hands slightly ahead of the golf ball producing a much more solid golf shot. It is a common fault to release the golf club too early in the downswing where the clubhead gets to the golf ball before the hands do. Make sure to focus on creating a good angle with your wrists and hold that angle until the last second right as you are hitting the golf ball.

#5) Eliminate Excess Body Motion For More Consistency- It's common with the driver to want to swing extra hard in order to try and hit the ball farther. One problem with swinging too hard is your body will probably move too much. Your head should stay relatively still during your golf swing even with your driver. You do not want too much lateral movement. If you shift your weight too much to the right on the backswing, you may be getting your weight outside your right foot. Make sure when you turn in the backswing, you turn so that your weight shifts to the inside of the right foot. On the downswing and follow through, make sure to stay balanced and behind the ball slightly, instead of feeling like you are moving forward too far.

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