Monday, 2 November 2009

A Review of MacGregor Golf Clubs

Once there were only a few manufacturers easily recognized throughout the sports equipment world. MacGregor was one. And although the company has had both good and bad times during its 108-year golf industry history, this new century looks very promising as the company positions itself to increase its tour presence with fully upgraded technology. An improved line of equipment is catching the eye of golfers every where

Driving with Familiarity and Innovation

The MacTec driver is an example of how MacGregor blends familiar golf club construction technology with company initiated innovation creating the most advanced driver in its hallowed history. The MacTec is designed employing a very light crown piece providing anb additional seven grams of weight to play with, a similar notion seen in all other composite-crown drivers.

More weight is moved lower and further back creating a lower gravity center that will produce lower spinning when the ball is in flight. To gain greater draw bias, four tungsten weights are added to the driver head increasing the MOI. Although this applied techniques is not a new one, the new driver shaft should set the club apart from many others.

Engineers claim the MacGregor Quadra Action shaft can store and transfer energy at an efficient manner producing excellent club head speed. Claims are that club head speed is increased three miles per hour. They say it will increase club head speed by as much as three miles per hour.

Improvements Get Better

The newer MT line is a call back to the type of clubs all those MacGregor purists who stayed loyal to the brand for many years. There is a bit of a technology carry over from the MacTec clubs employing Cup Face 360 technology that offers greater distance with that proverbial pinpoint accuracy MacGregor has experienced in the past. The Cup Face design has the club face welded apart from the rest of the head while allowing more weight moved to the outside perimeter of the head. This gets the driver to the full 460cc mark.

Up the Mass

All past drivers approached only 455cc. Some believe this is relatively little difference but the club is similar to fairway woods and hybrids. It features a sole that squarely rests the club each time plus the classic "pear" shape is attractively appealing.

The call back to a classic look with a new feel and function is a sure winner for brand loyalists. It combines many MacTec features including long shaft length but has a return to classic good looks. Tests reveal it works very well from the tee capable for moving left and right as well as positioned high and low as well.

Appealing to the Masses

This is a great driver choice for all player levels and especially if someone is looking to examine a new driver for a new season. Incidentally, giving the entire MT line might be an excellent choice convincing you to get a brand new set of clubs.

Great bargains are easily found for the savvy online buyer seeking a deal. Many Internet retailers offer special pricing for the MacGregor line of golf clubs.

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