Monday, 23 November 2009

Things You Should Know About Proper Golf Swing

What is the basic difference between a PGA professional like Ben Hogan, Tiger Woods or Bobby Jones and between an amateur like you? Well they have a proper golf swing and you are still striving to achieve the impossible. You might have the same build, flexibility and height, yet it still seems that having proper golf swing is next-to-impossible. What you need is a good trainer, a professional preferably who can help you with the basics of a golf swing.

It is only the instructor who can watch you carefully and point out the mistakes. You may have all the essential stuff like computer training aides or watch videos of legends like David Leadbetter, but you will still need the help of a professional trainer for a proper golf swing. He will guide you about the tiny details like having the right golf equipment. You can ask your trainer if you are using the right clubs. The clubs should be proportionate with your weight, and height. Moreover if the clubs do not have the right length, you cannot have the right swing.

After you have bought the equipments, you can consult the professional club repairers or manufacturers to know if the club heads are positioned at the correct angles. If you want, you can also replace the old grips with new ones so that they are comfortable to use. Before you go to buy the new grips, you must check the thickness of the grips and see if they fit in your hands. Now that you have the right equipments and the guidance of a professional, you can have the perfect swing and the perfect score.

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