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Golf Tips For Beginners - The Absolutely, Without Any Question, Most Important Golf Tips

If you are a beginner at golf and you live in the greater Los Angeles area, this is absolutely, positively, take it to the bank the most important golf tip for a beginner that I can offer. Never, never make a tee time earlier than 10:01 AM.

Why is that you ask?

Well it's because I never, never tee off later than 10:00 AM and that means I won't have to play behind you. It means I won't have to watch you chunk the ball, shank the ball, top a drive that goes 20 yards, stand over a 2 foot putt for a minute and a half, watch three consecutive balls go into the water, or see you take nine practice swings and then whiff the ball and claim it was just another practice swing. And Mulligans. Real golfers don't play Mulligans. But you being a beginner please limit yourself to one a side. Try to remember you're on the golf course not the range.

OK seriously, the number one tip is to keep up with the group in front of you. If you're lucky they'll be beginners to and you can always blame them when the marshal tells you to pick up the pace.

The number two tip is that golf is a complicated sport. You have 14 pieces of individual equipment (golf clubs) which is about 12 more than any other sport in existence. Eventually it would be nice to learn how to hit all of them effectively, but as a beginner, you really should focus on becoming proficient with 4 or 5 and I'll get into that a little later.

Tip number three is to learn the game from the green to the tee, not the other way around. That means starting out learning how to putt and read greens. Fortunately, you're not likely to hurt anyone or lose any balls while on the practice green and you'll be less likely to embarrass yourself as well. I know this may sound boring but this is where you score and it takes time to develop a good putting stroke. So the first club you want to master is the putter.

Next you need to be able to consistently hit the green from 100 yards and in. This means a pitching wedge or maybe even a 9 iron. When you are on the range, pick a target 100 yards out and hit 5 or 6 balls. Then pick a target that you estimate at 90 yards and do the same. Keep doing this down to a 10 yard chip. If you consistently do this exercise you'll develop a confidence in your wedge that will save you a lot of strokes.

Now for the most important shot that you need in your bag. Use whatever it is that can hit the ball 150 yards with accuracy. This might be a 7 iron, or if you're an old guy like me, a 9 wood. If you can develop a swing that will repeatedly go 150 yards and land where you aimed it, I'll guarantee you will be playing at least bogey golf. All you have to do is the math to understand what I'm saying. How many 150 yard shots does it take to get to the green on a 410 yard par four?

Lastly, and you're probably not going to like this, learn how to use a 3 wood or better yet, a utility club to tee off with. You have a much better chance of making contact and keeping the ball in play than using a driver. Now with a clean drive, you've set up your 150 yard shot and there is little doubt you'll be on in three. Two putts later and you score a 5 and are well on your way to an 80.

Last tip and you will probably ignore it like most beginner golfers. You really need to learn the fundamentals of the golf swing. Take some lessons or get a training package but do something that will allow you to develop your swing properly. Don't take bad advice from your buddies, that doesn't count as training.

If you stick with this game of golf you'll end up with years of enjoyment and it will be worth all the frustration that comes with learning it early on.

OK you can try to teach yourself this crazy game but you can speed up the process with a little help from a friend. Do you know the three most common mistakes beginners make in their golf swing? I have to admit when I first started I didn't know and I was doing all three.

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