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Tips on Golf Equipment You Will Need To Start Playing Golf

To Buy New or Second Hand?

If you decide that you want to consider buying a pre-loved set of Golf Clubs as your beginners golf clubs, you must make sure to scrutinize them thoroughly before you buy. The clubheads, the shafts and the grips are all golf club parts that need to be inspected properly before the clubs earn their place with your golf equipment. Also make sure that the set of golf clubs that you are thinking of buying has consistency. Don't forget to compare the cost of the used golf clubs to a new set before you finally decide to buy the used Golf Clubs.

Where Can I Purchase Golf Equipment?

There are many Golf Equipment Suppliers where you can purchase Golf Clubs and other golf equipment, but always make sure that you deal with an outlet that has someone who is qualified to give you the correct advice - not all golf clubs are the same! Getting the best value for money does not necessarily mean buying the lowest cost set of clubs. If you purchase a well know brand of golf clubs you will be able to get a comprehensive back up. You could also look in your local Golf Club, as many of these have a shop attached where you can buy professional golfing equipment.

What Do I Need To Look Out For When Buying Golf Equipment?

There are a few things to bear in mind when you are buying golf clubs, whether they are new or second-hand clubs.

Golf Club Shafts - The most flexible shafts 'L' are the ones that are generally used for ladies golf clubs. The majority of men use 'R', and the stronger players use 'S'. Ensure that you check that the shaft on the golf clubs is correct for your own specific requirements.

Golf Club Grip - Check to see that the grip is the right thickness for your hands, and also that all the golf clubs in the set have the same grip.

The Shaft flexibility and the size of the grip can affect the swing weight and the overall weight of the golf club, so it is important to look at these.

Buying golf clubs that are right for you is essential to your game - Try the Golf Clubs before you buy them.

What Golf Clubs Will I Need?

As a beginner that is buying golf clubs, you do not need to go for a full set of fourteen golf clubs, seven will be sufficient for any new golf player. A good combination to have would be:-






a sand wedge

and a putter

This should be enough golf equipment to start you on your road to playing golf, and you can always add more as you go along should you need to.

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