Thursday, 19 November 2009

Golf Equipment Discount

It is mind boggling the amount of golfers male and female, I see trying to play golf with equipment that is totally wrong for them. Choosing the correct equipment can mean the difference between winning or losing at golf.

For instance, you will not see a professional footballer play games in boots too small for him.

It would be impossible for him to do so and still keep his standard of playing up to a professional level.

The same goes for any sports person who has to use sports equipment to play their sport. Golf is no different, if you try to play golf with undersized clubs you will fail every time to win the game.

You will never lower your handicap and will forever remain in the mediocre stage of playing levels.

How does one choose the right clubs I hear you ask. The reply is very simple. Golf clubs do not come in a one size fits all, so you must take a little time and go to a reputable golf shop, there you must ask the golf professional his, or her advice and be measured for a perfect golf club fit.

This only takes a few minutes, but it is the most vital few minutes on your golfing road to becoming a winner.

Remember you do not have to buy at that moment, you can wait and buy from the internet, or from a friend who has clubs for sale. Once you know your fit, where you buy your equipment is irrelevant.

I have seen male, and female golfers come out to play golf with the best brands of equipment having spent a small fortune and they could not hit the ball off the tee box. This is not the fault of the equipment, it is down to the player using the clubs.

My point here is, it is not necessary to spend fortunes on golf equipment unless you are reasonably proficient at the game.

Start off with good fitting clubs, shoes, range finders, wet gear and trolley. All these items can be bought at very reasonable prices and will do you until you really feel you are ready to move up to the more expensive equipment.

Like a golf swing should be, you start off slowly and build up to a higher level.

Golf can be a very frustrating game at the best of times, especially if you are just beginning or moving up the ladder to becoming a decent amateur, everyone no matter what level they are at needs a little help from time to time.It is essential to have the right equipment.You can get that help by clicking below now.
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