Monday, 2 November 2009

Junior Golf - Health Benefits

In our country today we have an obesity problem and it is getting to our kids. KidsHealth states, "One out of three kids now considered overweight or obese." Let us find a way to break the cycle.

Golf is a sport that any child or adult can participate in and reap the health benefits. Doctor Jane Hart, clinical instructor at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio, says that walking is one of the most beneficial exercises that we can do. Golf combines that exercise, which children may find boring, with a competitive sport that just about anyone can play. It involves strategy that my nine year old picks up on and started to work on the first round. It involves using muscles that kids sometimes forget they have sitting in class then in front of a computer playing video games or doing homework.

The professionals say that an average of 10,000 steps a day is equal to a healthy active lifestyle, a round of golf (18 holes) takes 11,948 ±1781 steps per 18-hole round of golf.

What is another benefit to golf? Golf is a family a game, kids love to play. Ever sit on the bleachers and cheer on your kids wishing you could play too. I tried doing Taekwando and tennis with my kids both worked out well for a while. Then I got tired of the bruises from the karate class, so we looked into Golf. With golf we can play together in a relaxed manner. Tournaments can be entered by any level of player and include adults, children and families. In most cases children play for free. You can find quality golf equipment for the beginner at

Robyn is the Mom of two with three jobs', one to pay the bills, the Army Reserve, and taking care of her family. She is always looking for ways to spent time with her kids that produce some side benefits such as exercise.

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