Thursday, 19 November 2009

Golf Clubs and the Correct Sizing

One cannot stress enough about the importance of choosing the correct golf club size when it comes to playing golf. The ambition of every golfer should be improvement in their game.

The total focus must be on lowering handicaps and understanding what it means to set targets and goals, then setting about achieving them.

If a golfer attempts to play golf with inferior clubs then he will never achieve any of these goals, and the reason is quite simple.

If the club size is too small, or too large, then it is impossible to adapt the correct swing motion to drive the ball to the distance required down the fairway. Everything about golf is precision. Precision in gauging distance, precision in making contact with the ball either off the fairway or the tee box. Precision in chipping the ball onto the green, precision in aiming a putt to drop into the cup. These are just some of the aspects where you need to have the right equipment to allow you stand a chance of improving your game.

It is most unfortunate too see a golfer who shows good potential for improvement being held back by using the incorrect sized clubs. There is no excuse for this. It is a very simple job to get fitted for the exact size clubs you need to play comfortably and with ease of motion in ones swing.

All one has to do is seek out professional advice, which by the way should be free. The easiest way to do this is to ask your club professional. He should be able to tell you by a few simple tests of measurements which are totally unique to you. Once you have your correct sizes you can go off and purchase the clubs.

By using the correct fitting clubs you will not only enjoy your game more, you will begin to see the improvement in your game, but most importantly in your handicap.

Golf can be a very frustrating game at the best of times, especially if you are just beginning or moving up the ladder to becoming a decent amateur, everyone no matter what level they are at needs a little help from time to time.It is essential to have the right equipment.
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