Monday, 30 November 2009

Learn Some Golf Grip Tips

Every year people spend millions of dollars on golf accessories like golf clubs, balls, bags and carts. Everyone might seem to think that this game is easy, but one must develop the right skills and tools to learn the fundamentals of the game. The following are some of the many golf grip tips that can help one play the game to the fullest level.

If you have ever played golf you should know that the game takes a great amount of patience and practice. Golf can be a very relieving game that many people tend to enjoy.

Here are five reasons why hand positions and gripping the club properly are very important:

1. The grip is undoubtedly the most ignored, yet the most important golf equipment.

2. The first fundamental that should be taught is how to grip the golf club because it is by far the most important technique to learn before learning anything else.

3. The proper grip of the club influences the perfect swing.

4. Reduces the slice of the ball.

5. Placing your hands properly on the golf club gives you better control and position of the club face.

Now that you know the five reasons why hand positioning is very important, let's get into the proper golf grip tips:

· Grip the top of your golf club with your right hand. Make sure to let your left hand hang from the shoulder. This will help in trying to hold your club in an all natural way. You want to line your hand in towards the center of your body so the ball doesn't slice in the opposite direction.

· One of the most common errors that are made is when a golfer has a weak lead hand that is too much in the palm of their hand. If you grip the club properly it will reduce your tendency to produce a shot that slices and lacks in power.

· Make sure to grip your club not to loose, but not too tight. Hold your club like you would hold a soda can. Holding the club to tight can throw off your swing tremendously. Holding it to loose can prevent you from hitting the ball far. It can also lead to slicing the ball and losing your club.

· The fingers are the most sensitive part of our hand. In golf our fingers are very important. Placing the club more on the fingers rather than on the palm increases your wrist hinge, which results in longer tee shots and a better feel for the club.

Remember to keep your fingers gripped nice and tightly. For practice take a few swings at home to make sure you are comfortable and familiar with your hand positioning.

These tips could greatly improve your game if you follow them closely. These tips have helped many pro golf players become who they are today. By following these easy tips you could improve your golf game tremendously and see the results right away.

Don't make the mistake of many natural left handed golfers by trying to learn the right handed golf swing. This will lead to frustration and confusion. With the help of an experienced left handed instructor, your left handed golf swing will become comfortable with a little practice and effort.

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