Monday, 2 November 2009

Fix Your Slice With Golf Swing Training Aids

Want to learn how to fix your slice, get rid of hooks and hit longer, straighter golf shot? Of course you do because this is something that all golfers want. The key to fix any slice is to master three criteria in a golf swing: timing, tempo and swinging in the correct swing plane. If you are able to coordinate and master these three criteria correctly, you are on your way to a great golf swing free of hooks and slices.

Knowing the three criteria to be mastered is one thing but training to achieve them is another. It is very important to choose the correct equipment to practice with as practice doesn't make perfect, practice make permanent, so if you are practicing an incorrect technique, nothing good will come of it and you will be wasting your time.

Golf aids such as dual hinge swing training aids are useful practice tools to achieve and master timing, tempo and swinging in the correct golf swing plane as they instantly identify when any criteria is not met at any point in your golf swing. This means that if you do not meet the criteria in your take away, back swing, down swing or follow through, the hinge on the club opens up and the club breaks at the hinge. You therefore know exactly where you error is and can try and correct it on your very next swing. No time wasted, just instant feedback to correct your golf swing.

Learning to swing the club without breaking it ensures you are on the path to a great swing and ensures you fix your slice and hooks and hit straighter, longer more accurate golf shots!

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John Senaca is an avid golf enthusiast with over twenty years of playing experience. John spends most of his time traveling the world to the very best golf destinations playing on and reviewing golf courses as well as reviewing the very latest golf products and producing detailed reports and reviews for golf magazines and editorials.

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