Monday, 2 November 2009

How to Choose the Right Golf Clubs For Your Game

Golf clubs have changed over the years and the way we play golf has altered as well. Our irons have changed, with most manufacturers realising the increasing popularity of easy-to-hit hybrids and marketing irons sets which start at the 4-iron and sometimes even at the 5-iron. It makes sense, as for most club players the hybrid is significantly easier to hit than the corresponding iron.

Driver dimensions are regulated by the USGA and R&A size limits. Most club golfers would do well to play that maximum allowable driver volume which is 460 cc. If you struggle with consistency with your driver, moving to a bigger sized driver will almost certainly help. Pushing the weight to the perimeter of the these big drivers and new square and triangular designs means the modern driver is far more forgiving, even from miss-hits. 460cc drivers allow for a larger margin of error.

In common with all clubs, the engine of your driver rests in the shaft. Get the shaft wrong and your accuracy and distance off the tee will suffer. Many of the most common faults in golf can be put down to the shaft. If a slice is ruining your scores, then playing a more flexible shaft might be the solution. Struggling to get any height - a shaft with a softer tip section could well be the solution. Your driving will pick up if you match your driver shaft specifications to your swing speed. If you don't know your swing speed, nearly all of the top shaft manufacturers also factor in shaft ratings for carry distances as well. Check the ratings for various shafts and match your normal carry yardage to a flex rating.

The quickest growing market in golf equipment sales are hybrid golf clubs. If you need consistency with your long irons, some easy-to-hit hybrids could well be your best choice. Manufactured to be forgiving and playable from all lies, hybrids are easy to play from the tee and the fairway. You can even chip with them. These are clubs that are designed to hit high, so most shaft companies are offering specialty shafts built with this in mind.

With irons the choices are even bigger. Modern irons can help many of the most widespread swing faults. Offset irons to minimize the slice, wider soles on irons can reduce the fat shot and get much needed height on the ball for many. Take a good look at the irons you play. If their design doesn't give you the help you need, then it's probably time for a change.

There are plenty of options to decide on in the scoring clubs as well. Wedges come in a range of forgiving designs so wedge play needn't be compromised anymore. If the little flop wedge shot is causing problems, then a high lofted wedge could be the solution. If poor bunker play is spoiling your rounds, choose an easy to hit hollow sand wedge. These hollow wedges are almost impossible to miss-hit and make easy work of just about any bunker.

Changes in equipment rules have given us some pretty exotic looking putter designs. Strange looking, but playable. If you struggle with the flat stick, a more forgiving putter design may well be the best decision. Closing the putter too much towards the hole? You probably miss a lot of putts to the left (for a right handed golfer) and a face balanced putter might well be the cure.

Choosing the right golf clubs for your game is about playing clubs that make the most of your strong points and reduce your weaknesses. You won't need to break the bank either. You can find excellent clubs in the component markets at fractions of the cost of the OEMs. As an added bonus, these component clubs can be custom built to complement your game and that's the best way to play the right clubs.

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