Monday, 2 November 2009

What is the Best Golf Shoe?

ECCO Golf Shoes made a real difference in my enjoyment of the game. I stopped wasting hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on overpriced clubs. I realized that my shoes were on my feet non-stop, and that they were a more important piece of equipment than I had originally thought. The ECCO shoes are extremely comfortable, which has led to me being more relaxed throughout the game.

Relaxation is a very important aspect of your swing and form, and I feel that more comfortable shoes are an integral piece in achieving that loose, relaxed feeling throughout the swing.

More Important than Your Clubs! Being a long time golfer, I had always been caught up on the importance of expensive, comfortable, and often times overpriced clubs. It seems that every few months there is a new "must have" club that's guaranteed to give you an edge over the competition. I'll admit, I was lured in by this advertising hype, until one day I realized something very important. Why am I spending hundreds of dollars on a single club that I might not use more than a few seconds in an entire round of golf, when I'm wearing my golf shoes non-stop, throughout the entire game?

There's so much importance placed on the concept of being comfortable and relaxed with your swing, I was foolishly spending my money in the wrong places. I needed more comfortable shoes, simple as that.

I first learned of ECCO's line of golf shoes while playing a round with a good friend . I mentioned that I was in the market for new shoes, and he insisted that I try out ECCO, as he swore by them. Well, after we finished the round, I stopped by the local shop and gave them a spin. What a difference over my old shoes. The comfort was exactly what I was looking for. I bought them on the spot and couldn't wait to try them out on the course.

After playing a few rounds, I can't really say that I've noticed an improvement in my scores, however I really feel as though my swing has improved. The biggest difference I've noticed is towards the end of the course. Around holes 15 and 16, I used to always feel fatigued. My legs and back were sore from being on my feet all day, and I'm sure it wasn't helping my swing. Now I stay relaxed all the way through number 18, and I no longer have any stiffness in my legs, neck, or back. This helps me stay loose and, above all, I'm enjoying the game more.

If you've found yourself in the endless runaround trying to keep up with the latest and greatest clubs, take a moment to consider your shoes. They might be more important to your game than you might think. My suggestion is to try out a pair of ECCO golf shoes and see what you think. I did, and I'm feeling better on the course, enjoying my time more, and all simply having more fun.

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