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Nike Golf Equipment

Nike Golf Equipment

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Nike are leaders in so many fields of sport, with their apparel, footwear and sporting equipment and by 1986 they had turned their attention to golf.

Nike, primarily, concentrated on golf clothing and shoes, but, by 1998 they had produced their first golf ball and in 2002 Nike Golf introduced forged blade irons and wedges, as well as, titanium drivers.

Nike have had a hard time winning over the traditionalists, but, there is a whole generation of young golfers, who have grown up knowing and trusting the Nike name and, who are willing to accept Nike Golf based on their products capabilities rather than how long Nike’s association with golf has been.

Admittedly, Nike’s first ventures into golfing equipment were, perhaps, not a huge success, but since that time Nike Golf’s strategy has seemed to be; if it doesn’t work, get rid of it and if it does work, improve it.

The pedigree of Nike clothing and shoes were never in any doubt, but, in 2002 when Tiger Woods switched golf balls to Nike Precision Tour Accuracy and, then, went onto win 3 Majors that season, Nike Golf equipment received a significant boost to its golfing credibility and announced its intentions as a key player in golfing equipment manufacturing.

In 2000 Tom Stites joined Nike as its top golf club designer and, whilst, some may question Nike’s golf pedigree, no such questions can be asked of Mr Stites, who learned his trade at the legendary Ben Hogan Company, and brought with him a reputation for creating tour quality golf clubs.

Fast forward to 2009 and Nike Golf sponsor some of the leading lights in golf and many of the up and coming talents: Tiger Woods, Trevor Immelman, Paul Casey, Anthony Kim and Michelle Wie. Tiger Woods has, even, played a part in the development of Nike’s Victory Red golf clubs.

Today, Nike Golf are winning over some of those traditionalists to their side and have convinced younger golfers, who are very familiar with Nike’s qualities in other sporting arenas, that Nike are a name to trust in golfing circles, too.

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