Monday, 2 November 2009

Golf Swing Tips to Break 90

Are you one of the thousands of bogey golfers who are wondering why golf is such a difficult game? I know I was, and then it struck me.

Golf is just way too complicated.

Really think about this for a moment. What other sport has 14 pieces of personal equipment required (your golf clubs)? In baseball the player has a glove and a bat. In hockey the guy has a stick. A soccer player has...well, actually he doesn't have any personal equipment.

Not only do you have a lot of equipment, you have to learn a very complicated method to use it all. Most of the time we call this a proper golf swing. Many times however, we refer to this movement as topping the ball, or hitting fat, or chunking or just plain hacking. The so called proper golf swing is really not designed for the amateur golfer.

One analyst has broken down the golf swing into 64 separate movements. Can you imagine memorizing 64 movements much less thinking about them in the swing? Me neither.

So are all of those movements necessary to accomplish the mission; the mission being able to hit the ball and have it go where we want. I don't think so.

If you were the CEO of a manufacturing business and you wanted to optimize your operation you might do a cost benefit analysis of all the lines in your plant. In other words, you would want to know what benefit you received for the cost of performing an individual process.

Here come the great golf swing tips.

You can apply the same concept to the golf swing and one of the very first things to go would be the wrist cock. Yes I know all the video golf swing tips and books talk about the power that comes from cocking and uncocking your wrist, but how much are you really giving up by eliminating it?

The biggest mistake amateurs make is the over the top golf swing. Typically the problem is in too flat a take away and then the golfer has to come "over the top" of that swing plane in an attempt to correct it. Now think what happens when you cock your wrist. Do you have total control of that moving club head? Is there a possibility of coming off the plane? And when you uncock, is there a possibility that you will do it too early or too late. What's the result if any of that happens. A crummy golf shot, that's what happens.

Want more proof?

The next time you go to the range pick out a target then pick a club, any club, and hit the ball with your usual swing and note where it goes. Now using the same club, try a swing where you don't cock your wrist. Just keep your left arm straight and see what happens. I'm going to guess that you lose a little distance but that the ball was directly on line with the target. You have eliminated one of the most complex elements of the swing and have gained the benefit of the ball going where you want it to go. Your cost is the loss of some distance which probably means with the wrist cock your slice went further into the other fairway.

If you can make the game of golf simple then you will keep the ball in play more often which will result in lower scores. Breaking 90 is not an impossible goal.

Keeping the ball in play and out of trouble is the secret to lower scores. If you can simplify your swing and get greater control, you're well on your way to playing better golf. Do you know the real secret behind a simple golf swing? Do you know how one shoulder move can add 20 yards to your drive? You can find the answers to those questions, plus pick up some great golf swing tips FREE by visiting

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