Monday, 2 November 2009

G5 Irons - The Value of Proper Equipment

For anyone that loves playing the fascinating sport of golf, we are always looking for ways to perfect our game. What countless low handicappers know that a good set of Ping G5 Irons can aid any golfer in shaving their score. The one aspect that affects every shot played is your equipment. This is what makes purchasing the proper equipment so rewarding.

The decision to invest in Ping G5 Irons means you take improving seriously. Let us face it, if selecting golf clubs did not make a difference, club manufacturers would not spend so much money on research and development in order to make different models. There are four basic golf fundamentals: posture, alignment, stance, and grip.

Using properly fitted G5 Irons automatically helps due to the iron set being the right fit. It places your body in its optimum position for producing a balanced, controlled, and powerful swing. Playing with golf drivers that are not correctly fitted puts you at a disadvantage before even stepping on the first tee.

The specifications for standard clubs are a guideline that manufacturers use based on data, which will fit the greatest number of golfers. Ping has an excellent color coded fitting system. You can get web-fit through the Ping site or have a fitting at a local pro shop as a first step to selecting the best-suited G5 Irons.

The process of being fitted for clubs is highly recommend for those who are not familiar with what club fits them the best. The appropriate shaft length is measured by wrist to floor measurements and a golfer's height. For example, a golfer who is 5'8" with a 33.5 wrist to floor indicates a red dot and standard shaft length. The second step consists of a golf professional watching you hit balls to observe your stance.

The G5 Irons are designed for maximum performance, helping to improve ground impact for hitting the ball better. Enhanced weighting makes the G5 iron set very forgiving. A golf buddy who recently purchased a set of G5 Irons claims easily they are the best irons that he has ever played. He shaved eight strokes off his game, in one round!

You are one-step away from constructing the total package. Come see all the great deals on G5 Irons we have in store at for shooting your way into golf history! Follow the link to big savings and further information on key features and reviews!

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