Monday, 2 November 2009

Golf Courses and GPS For Golf

Not soon after emerging from school into the real world of working every day and pursuing some sports activities ( I had always been active ) my friend Dave persuaded me to try golf as a leisure sport that was not too demanding. After all this was 10 or 15 years later. At first we went to the golf driving ranges and he taught me a few things he had learned and was accomplishing with the golf game and it was on to the golf course.

At first there was difficulty, but the golf bug had bitten me. With each new outing I was improving and the score was dropping. At first you have these big numbers and then you finally break below a hundred and then ninety.

Now the game is getting interesting and you drop under eighty, but you have difficulty getting on the green. You are always having to scramble to get up and down and make long putts to score. You have played the courses where there are markers for 100, 150 & 200 and there are distances on the water sprinklers. Then you play some courses and there are no markers at all. You begin to recognize that your 150 yard iron on the range lands consistently at the marker, but on the course you seem to be 15 to 30 yards off at the green after you have determined the distance needed.

You discover a golfer in your foursome has this hand held GPS For Golf device he is using and he is consistently hitting his golf shots on the green, getting close to the pin and scoring some birdies and making all kinds of pars. On occasions he would miss hit a shot and he would let out a groan. You knew his shot was not going to be on the green. But, then most of the time you saw him seem to be posing after his shot and you go to the green and find he is ready to putt for birdie.

You knew he was making these great scores and he seemed to be more relaxed and poised with all of his golf shots and it all seemed to be because he was carrying this little hand held GPS For Golf device.

So now I live in the golf world of GPS For Golf. There is consistency in lowering the score 5 or 10 strokes. Knowing that distance to the point you want to hit from tee to the point you want to be in the fairway and knowing that distance from the fairway to the pin including the distances to the front, center and back of the green are paramount to making good club decisions. The additional features of hazards of water and bunker distances take away that error of being there when you hit distances to avoid these when there is some error in your shot execution.

GPS For Golf devices on the golf course are fast becoming a part of the avid golfers equipment on the golf course.

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