Monday, 2 November 2009

Golf For Kids

Why should you encourage your kids or grandkids to take up golf? First, it's a great game, challenging, enjoyable and fun if you don't take it too seriously. Also, this is one game you can play all your life.

I remember while vacationing in Hawaii we were staying in a condo overlooking the first tee on the Big Island. While we were there the PAC 10 was having a tournament and colleges from all over the US were taking part. Here were these young guys staying in fabulous condos in beautiful surroundings. Play golf early in the day and hit the beach later. I thought what a deal. This sure beats playing football or other contact sports. You never get hit, enjoy the facilities and play in beautiful surroundings etc.

Since then I have encouraged my kids and grandkids to get into golf. It's a great game. Ok! Now that you convinced them, what's the first step? Well it's got to be attitude. Remind them it's only a game to enjoy with family and friends. Next would be equipment, clubs, balls, etc.

There are several sets of youth clubs available usually defined by age group. So pick an appropriate set and get started. These beginning clubs do not have to be expensive since they will soon be out grown or discarded. As the youth develops and learns the game he/she will contribute to club and set selection. I initially took my two grandsons with me in the cart while I played a round. I introduced them to fellow golfers as my manager and trainer. Remember, keep it light and fun.

As the boys aged I got them clubs and away we went. However, in a couple years they both gave it up. I don't know exactly why, but they just didn't take to it. I had even signed them up for instruction classes which they both attended. But as you know, kids either take to a sport or they don't. In this case they didn't but who knows, maybe someday they'll try it again. Remember, don't be pushy or overly demanding, they will find their own path.

Introducing a youngster to a sport is really fun and enjoyable even if they don't follow through. So when you begin don't have high expectations that you're developing the new Tiger. Chances are, your not. Just enjoy the experience.

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