Friday, 20 November 2009

Buying the Correct Golf Equipment

Callaway, Ping, Taylor, these are just a few of the top golf club brands that are available to purchase in every reputable golf shop. There are many others which are on show, but how important is a brand name
when it comes to actually playing the game.

No wonder it is hard to choose the clubs you want and feel comfortable with. So how does one choose the correct golf clubs for ones particular style of playing.

It is so vital for every golfer, male and female, that they are using the correct size clubs for their stature and size.

How can a golfer expect to play to their maximum if the clubs are either too small, or too big. It is an impossibility to expect to play to your full ability if you are not using the clubs that are ideal for your size.
There are thousands of golfers who have great ability, but because they are using hand me down golf clubs which they were given or inherited from their mum, dad, brother or sister, they have added a further handicap to their club handicap, the handicap of using the incorrect size clubs.

It is not unfair to say that even though the clubs were given as a gift that these clubs may just not be suitable for use by the recipient, but because there may be sentimental value attached to them it could be hard to discard them and purchase new clubs.

Unfortunately, the big problem will lie in the detrimental loss of results in playing golf.

Every golfer owes it not just to himself, or herself, to play to their utmost ability, but they owe it to their club mates as well. If one performs with the maximum effort but is using the wrong sized clubs then they will never progress any further than mediocrity and will lose competitions and remain at a high handicap level.

This is not what golf is all about. Golf is a precision game and must be treated as such, and if one is not using precision type clubs to suit the golfer, then the loss of enjoyment and success will make it more difficult for the golfer to continue playing.

The vital asset for any golfer, or even sportsman is to achieve success and to gain this success they must have the correctly fitting clubs and equipment.

It is not just a matter of looking the part, you must play the part to your utmost ability.
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