Monday, 2 November 2009

Golf Help - Correct Your Slice With Weighted Golf Swing Trainers

Get serious about your golf game and correct you slice to decrease your scores. This is very easy to say but you need the right equipment and/or instructor to monitor your swing and train you properly. Too many times you will see people practicing their golf swing, either on the range or on the course and not doing it properly and mastering the three major criteria to a great swing. Those criteria are timing, tempo and swinging in the correct golf swing plane. By mastering those three criteria and coordinating them together, you can be sure you are on the way to correcting your slice, decreasing your hooks and hitting longer, straighter, more accurate golf shots.

You can always hire a golf pro to help you out with your swing but a more convenient and efficient alternative that you may want to consider is a weighted golf trainer. These golf aids help you correct your slice by training you to swing in the correct golf swing plane with correct timing and tempo. The way that this happens is in the design of the weighted swing trainer. It is scientifically designed and engineered to fall in the correct swing plane every time you swing the club. Therefore, through force of repetition, your body develops the correct muscle memory for you to swing with the correct timing and tempo and in the correct golf swing plane.

Not only does it train you to swing correctly, it has additional weight to help build your golf muscles. It is similar to going to the gym and lifting weights, but this is better because you get to work out on the golf course! Not only will you correct your slice, you will be hitting the ball longer and further, with more accuracy leading to lower golf scores!

Follow the link to learn more about Golf aids and golf swing trainers and how they can instantly help improve your golf swing!

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